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While I was seeing videos in Youtube, I came across this video and the language is Moldovan and she is Romania. Her name is Cleopatra Stratan and is 3 years old!!!! Feel like I have wasted so many years of my life!!! It is one the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. She sings so sweet like an Angel. Wishing her all the best in the future. You must listen and watch this video. Im sure you will love it!!!!! Check out her cute expressions!!!!! Love it!!!!

The lyrics in english are below!!!!

My coat is on the hook
The sun seems to be doomed
And nothing’s really good.
I often think of Ghita…
But Ghita’s not in town
I know, I’ve asked around
It seems that he is gone
To get provisions…

Hard, it has been very hard
Want, but don’t know what I want
Of me, I know you too are fond…
Tell me, Ghita what is up?
Or come, or please go
Or tell me what to do
So please, don’t make me mad
Ghita, what’s up in your life?


Ghita, I’ll wait for you my dear Ghita
Tonight, at our place, do come,
But when you come don’t come as you do…
Usually, empty handed, who else
Is gonna wait for you as I do?…
A whole night, just for you my Ghita?
Show me just one other girl who
Can love you as much as I do!


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  1. Whoa!!! I liked the Moldovan rendition better though.
    So full of innocence.
    Woudltn lie if it brought tears to my eyes – dont have to understand what the li’l girl is on about – the tone is in itself so .. so umm whats the word..
    Never mind

    Comment by Kartik | February 11, 2008 | Reply

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