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Rhythm & Action Arts (RAW)

2-left2.gifDance – as we all know is the movement of ones body rhythmically according to the beat of the music. It involves many expressions, actions in different settings. It can be spiritual or can be totally just jumping around and having fun. My classmate in VFS – Kelly Balon is the director of Rhythm and action arts. He has as a strong balance of academic and experiential skills in International and Community Economic Development with his studies at Simon Fraser University and the University of Saskatchewan. He has a demonstrated knowledge of issues affecting youth, and practical strategies for empowerment with over six years experience working with youth and diverse communities. In the last three years in Vancouver, Kelly has integrated his unique approach to youth engagement and empowerment with sport and recreation leadership training programs for native youth in East Vancouver. He brings a creative force to community development projects with his education and training in martial arts and his passion and knowledge of the entertainment industry.

It started in 2001 back in Saskatoon. Now all shows, small to large happen in Vancouver. RAW is all about the Art and Discipline of movement. With funding from the Community Mobilization Program of the National Crime Prevention Centre, organizers expanded into the “Vancouver Urban Arts” program, ultimately leading to the newly established society on June 1, 2006. One of their goals is to promote dance as an excellent form of health and fitness development. The talents ndividuals with a range in experience and talents including Breakdancing, Hiphop, Powwow/ Fancy dance, Capoeira Angola/ Regional, Other cultural dances like Bhangra, DJs and Grafitti artists. They have hosted several bboy/ bgirl battles – Raw Talent I, II, and III, as well as performance showcases including Floorplay.

You should check out their website to know more about the great work that RAW does. : Rhythm and Action

Check out his blogs : Kelly


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