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Wake up Sid Review

The cutest movie of 2009!!! (Not Ranbir but the movie on the whole)

Wake up Sid opens with a guy who sits with his book to study for his exams and falls asleep in the procees and before I could fall asleep, the background score just makes you feel fresh and makes you wait to see what happens next!

Base story

Sid (Ranbir – Hero) is a rich kid who once used to be a topper at school. He is now totally not interested in studies one bit. All he wants in life is to have fun, bindaas life, care free attitude and does not worry about tomorrow. Aiysha (Konkana – Heroine) is a new girl in the city who wants a have things of her own and live an independent life. How these both meet, become responsible and make their life beautiful together is what Wake up Sid is all about.

Well the movie

Sid and his friends are in their final year of college and its time for their farewell party. He loves to take photos and since he has no date for the farewell party (the setup is just a replica of a prom) clicks random pictures. This is where he meets Aiysha. Knowing that she is not a part of the college, he starts talking to her and they quickly become friends. As she is also new to the city,  he decides to show her the new place and so they to go for a stroll. Here they talk about passion, how she wants to write, how he loves the monsoon which eventually leads in them sharing their mail id. As time goes by, they both become real good friends, she buys her own house, gets the job that she had wished for.

When everything seems to be fine, Sid fails in the university exams while his other friends pass. This gets him dejected, leading to a big fight at home and ends with him walking out of home. He then lands up knocking on the doors of Aiysha. As days fly, Sid learns how to cook, make his bed and also think of getting a job which he does with the help of Aiysha.

Here is the cute turn of events – Sid’s proposal to Aiysha which was once rejected by her due to his immatured and childish behaviour. makes her fall in love with him for the same reason. It definitely sounds “yeah I knew it” but how it happens is where one will enjoy.


Sid finally becomes responsible and finds a job in the magazine that he interned. This makes his parents very happy and decides to move back home. How they both express their feelings and get together is what the story ends.


While Hollywood movies end with french kiss, Bollywood ends with a HUG!

My review

I loved Konkana’s emotions – as usual perfect!! No draggy scenes, excellent Background score and a cute couple makes this movie worth watching.


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