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3 Idiots Review

The best wrap up movie of 2009!

Lets all rewind a bit and hit our college days.. Thats what this movie is all about!!! Wondering the connection between 3 Idiots and college life?? Read on..

Base Story

Three boys join the Imperial College of Engineering, the first/best of the colleges in the country to do their engineering course. Ranchoo (Aamir), Farhan (Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman) are roommates and study in the same class. How one chases their passion and end up in life is what is in store for you for the next two and odd hours. Ranchoo is the guy whose thinking is way different. He is always funny and likes to play around but at the same time is the brainiest of all in the batch. Farhan and Raju are not as brainy as Ranchoo but again very funny and the three become the best partners in crime.

Well the movie

Its starts with revenge. Of course in college life there is always this one gang or one guy people wont get along with. Here is this Uganda guy who had fought or rather challenged that in ten years down the line on Sep 5, he will be in a better position in life and profession when compared to these three, particularly Ranchoo. So after ten years, the uganda guy gets Farhan and Raju to the same place but Ranchoo is missing.

The movie begins in search of Ranchoo and zoom we hit the past with Farhan narrating the story. Farhan is born and the very same minute his parents decide that he will become an engineer. So here is the room of his hostel where he was bound to stay for the next four years and meets his first roomie Raju who is doing his pooja. Night falls and when all the freshers are getting ragged, Ranchoo comes to the hostel becoming the immediate prey for the senior. Fun starts with Ranchoo ragging the senior instead and from this time, all you will do is laugh, laugh and laugh with a pinch of seriousness.

The first turn in the movie begins with Viru Sahastrabudhhe, (Boman Irani), the director of the college and fondly called as Virus. He is depicted as the indirect cause for the death of one of the students. This is where the concept of the movie slowly comes alive that there are so many students who commit suicide because of academic pressure and that India stands first in this case. With Ranchoo explaining all this gets Virus super tensed and ends up writing a complaint letter not to Ranchoo’s parents but Farhan’s and Raju’s parents.

Next, the three of them crash into a wedding. Here, Ranchoo meets Pia (Kareena) and shockingly finds that she is Virus’ daughter.


How Ranchoo helps Farhan chase his dream; Raju gets a job through all his struggle and end up with Pia is what you will see for yourself. Connect these dots and watch out for twists.


After 10 years, how life changes everything around you but your passion and feelings for friends don’t change is how it zeros in. Arey bhayya, aall is well!!!

My review

The locations are fantastic, Boman’s acting is commendable and everyone in the movie have done their part to excellence. Music is good and the movie as such is soooo refreshing. One character could have been totally avoided – Pia’s sister as I felt her scenes were not doing good justice to the movie!

My free advice after seeing the movie – simply have three words for you – DON’T MISS IT. If you do miss the theatre version, DVD version is not far away. And again three words for you – JUST BUY IT as its worth to be one among your collection.


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  2. yeah….loved it!!!!! tat stage scene wher the uganda guys messes up his hindi speech…..i was almost on the floor laughing!! and rancho’s midnyt proposal to pia….tat too was super cool 😀 boman was fantastic in the movie…the most brilliant stroke of hirani here is tat the message grows on you…its not thrust upon us….tat impressed me a lot….

    Comment by chandru | December 27, 2009 | Reply

  3. It was an excellent movie and ameerkhan acting was too good.And some scenes are really awsome and especially climax scene is well directed.

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    Comment by Supergoodmovies | March 31, 2011 | Reply

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