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My first city away from my country- Vancouver!! Heaven on Earth!! Or is it because I have not seen other beautiful places in the world?? I don’t care !! This city is beauty at its peak during the summers and not that much during the winters!! So many places to see, so many places to eat!! Nature dressed at her best and one of the most livable cities in the world!! This is one of the most well planned and laid out city.

You can keep walking for hours and you will not feel tired. You can totally trust me on this one because I am not a person who walks or used to. But walking in the streets of Vancouver gives me so much of pleasure. If I am bored, I always take a walk near English bay or the ever happening Granville street. This is the street of Vancouver according to me when it comes to partying. All the major pubs and discotheques can be found here and how can I miss Robson street.. Shoppinnggg!!!! Thats the street to go!! Any brand, any food, coffee shops etc you name it you can find it. And there is a place which serves you chocolate buffet!! I know.. I can see your eyes goo!! And oo yeah.. Davie street.. The first street that I was taken to… Famous for few interesting reasons.. and down that road is Denman!!! And voilaaaa..the lovely view of the beach(English Bay)!!!I always love to take a walk on that street too!!

During summers you can find people roller blading which was one of things that I always wanted to learn and become an expert at. I bought one after coming here wanting to learn but didn’t!!! Bad luck!! You can see that in my closet:(!! But one thing that I learnt after coming here was playing snooker!!Thanks to Commodore because that is where my friends and I were hanging out and playing snooker practically everyday!! Not an expert at it right now but can say “Hey wanna play LTP??” lol!!! All my friends who leave Vancouver miss it so much(as we are all students) that they wish they had not left from here. I guess my time will come soon and I’m sure I’m going to miss it worse than my friends:(.

It is also a place where you can find various diverse types of communities and people. And guess what?? Vancouver is the host of 2010 Winter Olympics. !!Lil expensive but I guess at the end of the day, it’s all worth it!!!!!:)


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