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You Make My Day!!!!

Wow!! This is one of the best things in the whole world to experience, also one of the few things where being on the receiving side or the giving side doesn’t really matter. It’s such a beautiful sentence that I would like to hear from a person!!! I get so excited and over energized no matter how tired I feel and really they make MY DAY by saying so. I’m sure when I tell people the same , I just don’t say it for the sake of saying it. I really do say those words to the person who makes the inner me feel so happy or special within seconds. Small things make a huge difference!!!!

I was working in a restaurant as a waitress. I am usually a person who keeps smiling and try to make the other person feel that I am so ready to do what they want. This particular job has given me so many wonderful experiences in a very short time. I have people tell me that I look so happy and vibrant when ever they see me. I do that because the job demands that out of me and I am a cheerful person by nature. It didn’t seem very special when people usually say to me that I look happy and I am all smiles. But one particular day made me realize so many things that I wouldn’t have unless it happened. I saw an old lady come inside the restaurant, not very happy looking. I seated her and did what I had do. After I served her the food she just caught my hand and told me that I had a beautiful smile and that she was really happy. I was happy after hearing it but I really didn’t know that a smile of mine would actually make people feel better.

She told me that she was really upset about something and she felt lot better and then when she left, she called me, gave me a hug and said “YOU MADE MY DAY”. OMG!!!! Of course the tips that I got was good, but the happiness from her words and her hug meant more to me than anything else. Hearing those words from her and the way she was when she was leaving brought a glow to my face. That was one of the best days of my life. I still can remember each and everything that happened, that whole day was perfect. I had no problems,even if I did it really didn’t matter. I was smiling all day and other people who were total strangers too gave me broad smiles. I felt so light and I didn’t worry about anything, any problem that I had. I did do mistakes that day but it really didn’t matter. If it was just another normal day I sure would have felt so bad for making even a single mistake, but only that day did I realize that it wasn’t that bad to have made that mistake. It made me all the more careful and more perfect than I would have normally been.

The happiness that I was experiencing within me just spread like a disease. The place felt so positive and bright. I felt everyone around me were happy. I was really happy that I was sharing my happiness with people whom I didn’t know, for that second we were happy seeing each other, smiled and nothing else mattered. WOW!!! That feeling in me made me want to jump, scream and shout that at that point that I am the most happiest person in the world, this very minute, this very second. I clearly understood that the lady was happy in some way because of me and that I did spread that happiness to my friends and others around me. I am also sure that would have had a chain reaction.

I called home and my parents were very happy as we chatted more than usual and more smiles and laughter. I made them realize how important they were to me and the smiles on their face were beyond words. I hope the chain became bigger and made others day too!!!!!!! What started with one person and spread can make the world a different and better place to live in. I feel that what one does sub-consciously makes a difference in somebody’s life. So one need not try to help someone but just be good and the rest will follow. And also remember that “What goes around, comes around”.


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