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New ways to get high!!!

Ketamine??? The drug!!!!

Looks like Chennai students have found a new way to get high!!!


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Numero Uno!!

So you want to be an event planner?!!??!!

This article talks about how one can enter into the event planning business by beginning as an intern and getting their feet wet as the writer puts it and eventually find a place for oneself!!!! All her blogs give an idea as to where one can start from the scratch and become a part of this growing industry!!!

Guide to hiring a Wedding planner!!!

This UK based company brings together all the latest news on events and about other event planners!! This blog helps one to find the perfect wedding planner for their wedding!!:) This business is now doing wonders in many places around the world as people have no time to plan out the wedding of their life time. Thus I would love to get into this business and promise the 2 love birds to leave all their worries and hand it over to me to make it “the perfect wedding” that they have always been dreaming off!!!! The writer here talks about wedding planners and why should one really want/seek their help!!

Competition Television!!!

This blog talks about how more new channels are beginning to show up and how the existing channels fight for FIRST PLACE. These channels are Tamil based and originates from Chennai. One can see the most competition during the festival times, how each channel wants to show better content and win viewers. Is it really the channels who are winning or is it the viewers who get to choose from all these different content from these different channels and watch the real winners??!!??!!??!!;)

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